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The Gothic Chapel

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The whole architecture of the Gothic Cross Chapel goes back to its origins around 1350.

The uniqueness of this chapel resides in the stone sculptures of Saint Catherine of Alexandria 1 and of

Saint Nicholas from Myra 2 as well as in the

three keystones of the vault 3 – all from about 1350.

The priests´ bench 4 also from this time has a superstructure similar to the baldachins of the two stone sculptures.

The so called Lettner Cross 5 was brought here in 1973 in place of the Saint Johan Nepomuk altar. It dates to around 1520. The Lettner is the rood loft used by preachers and singers alike.

The inner side of the triumphal arch 6 has paintings (flowers and tendrils) from 1350. The sacred numbers seven and twelve are interwoven in the design.

High above the triumphal arch of the chapel is the former high altar painting Angel´s Overthrow by Michelangelo Unterberger (1752).


8. Mai zur Liturgie / Joseph Haydn, Ölgemälde von Thomas Hardy, 1791

  Joseph Haydn -
  in B-Dur

  8. Mai zur Liturgie...
Pfingsten 2016
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  Taube unter der Kanzel
  in der Michaelerkirche

  Pfingsten 2016...
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  jeden Samstag, 20 Uhr

  Orgel um Acht...
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