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The High Altar

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The high altar 1 was designed in 1781 by Jean Baptist d´Avrange and among others constructed by Carl Merville.

The uiqueness of this altar consists in the harmonious unity of the icon Maria Candia 2 (1540) in the foreground and the Engelsturz 3 (1781, Angel´s Overthrow) in the background.

The Marian picture is held by two cherubims. The icon is named after the capital Candia of the island Crete.
Two more cherubims 4 protect the holy shrine in accord with the old testament idea (Ecodus 25,19).

The four seated evangelists 5 are (from left to right)
John, Luke, Mark and Matthew.
The standing figures are the two saints of the plague: on the left Saint Sebastian 6 and on the right Saint Rochus 7.

The Engelsturz was designed in a very light colour as a high relief between four gothic windows in order to emphasize the polychrome icon of Maria Candia.




Ausgabe Nr. 36, August bis November 2015


Flohmarkt 26. 09 und 27.09
Sonntag, 27.09.2015, 10:00 Uhr
zur Liturgie
Feierliche Barockmusik fürZink und Posaunen
Werke von Gabrieli, Valentini u.a.

Samstags, 20:00

2. Mai - 26. September

  Samstags, 20:00 ...