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The High Altar

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The high altar 1 was designed in 1781 by Jean Baptist d´Avrange and among others constructed by Carl Merville.

The uiqueness of this altar consists in the harmonious unity of the icon Maria Candia 2 (1540) in the foreground and the Engelsturz 3 (1781, Angel´s Overthrow) in the background.

The Marian picture is held by two cherubims. The icon is named after the capital Candia of the island Crete.
Two more cherubims 4 protect the holy shrine in accord with the old testament idea (Ecodus 25,19).

The four seated evangelists 5 are (from left to right)
John, Luke, Mark and Matthew.
The standing figures are the two saints of the plague: on the left Saint Sebastian 6 and on the right Saint Rochus 7.

The Engelsturz was designed in a very light colour as a high relief between four gothic windows in order to emphasize the polychrome icon of Maria Candia.


8. Mai zur Liturgie / Joseph Haydn, Ölgemälde von Thomas Hardy, 1791

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