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The North Chapels


To your left is the Saint Anthony Chapel 1 with its Baroque lantern cupola with eight windows.

Right in front of you, in the Barnabite Chapel, is a
ceiling fresco 2 by Carlo Innocenzo Carlone (around 1720).
In God´s honor a heavenly choir plays music with the original instruments (lute, viola, de gamba, bassoon, and others) accompanying three singers.

In 1626 the Barnabites were called from Milan to Saint Michael Church in Vienna. The two altars of the chapel were buildt in 1826 to commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of the Barnabites´arrival.

The left altar is dedicated to the patron saint of the order, the apostle St. Paul 3, the right altar to Saint Alexander Sauli 4, patron saint of Corsica (in the middle of the altar painting) and to Saint Charles Borromeo (at the left of the painting).


Der neue Pfarrer
Pater Erhard Rauch SDS 2014, © Kati Bruder

  Am So, 2.10.2016 wurde
  das Amt des Pfarrers an
  Pater Erhard Rauch SDS

  Der neue Pfarrer...
© Pfarre Sankt Michael

  Zur Geschichte der


  Besuchen Sie St. Michael
  und lassen Sie sich an
  verborgene Orte führen.

© Pfarre Sankt Michael

  Ausgabe Nr. 40,
  August 2016