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Romanesque-Gothic Corner

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To your right you can see one of the oldest visible parts of our church: one of three entrances preserved from the Romanesque period 1 around 1220.

The special feature of this entrance is the completely preserved tympanon 2, a relief of the upper outside arch, which depicts a cross on a pillar amidst a grapevine.

Beyond and outsiede this entrance, the religious Order of Saint Paul (or Barnabites), who ministered in Vienna in Saint Michael at the time constructed the Great Saint Michael House 3 around 1660.

Behind the grille on the ceiling of this Saint Jude Thaddeus Chapel 4 are the fresco remains of the four evangelists, painted in the late Romanesque period (around 1300).

The Austrian Federal Historical Monuments Authority restored a small section of these ceiling frescoes beginning in 2003.




Ausgabe Nr. 36, August bis November 2015


Flohmarkt 26. 09 und 27.09
Sonntag, 27.09.2015, 10:00 Uhr
zur Liturgie
Feierliche Barockmusik fürZink und Posaunen
Werke von Gabrieli, Valentini u.a.

Samstags, 20:00

2. Mai - 26. September

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