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Guided Tours of the Crypt

Regular guided tours of the crypt:
Thursday to Saturday at 11 am and 1 pm,
except on feastdays

> poster (pdf-download)

adults: € 7,- / schoolchildren: € 3,-
minimum charge per tour: € 42,-

meeting point:
in front of the church

contact for private tours:
Reservation only for groups +6 necessary
phone: +43/650/5338003

St. Michael's Crypt

a burial vault in the church

The crypt was created in the 16th and 17th centuries, as a result of the closure in 1508 of the graveyard that had been located around the church.

It started with individual burial vaults for the nobilty, which were accessed by means of the burial vault plates in the church floor and which are still there today.

In 1676/78 the big parish crypt located under the church´s central aisle, as well as the priests´crypt under the High Altar were created. This opened up access to the middle classes. The practice was to interconnect the individual neighbouring burialvaults by means of alleyways.

The Mariahilf graveyard in an area belonging to St. Michael´s Church was consecrated in 1660, but was dismissed by the Viennese living in the city centre as being too far away. This meant that the people living in the city centre were buried in St. Michael´s Church and the people living in the outlying parishes were buried in Mariahilf.

©Alexander Goldulla

Under the terms of Emperor Joseph II´s court decree of 11th December 1783, no further burials were to be allowed in the whole of the city centre, and therefore not in the crypt of St. Michael´s either. At the same time the outlying chruches of Mariahilf and St. Joseph were declared independent parishes.

Even though these chruches still had to pay their burial fees to St. Michael´s Church until 1833, this marked its end as a burial church.

Further pictures of the crypt


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